Hostile Vehicle Mitigation – A cost-effective community shared model for government and event managers

Recently a range of media outlets reported on local community events being cancelled due to the costs of what they perceived as unrealistic counter-terrorism security measures. However, multiple vehicle attacks in Melbourne highlight how real the threat is to the community.  We can no longer assume “it won’t happen to us”. And while terrorism [...]

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Busting the road safety barrier myth for hostile vehicle protection.

“Concrete and water filled plastic road safety barriers are used on the road all the time and are crash tested, so they are must be an effective protection for hostile vehicle protection, right?”  Wrong. This is a comment we often hear at Protective Barriers Australia when discussing hostile vehicle mitigation for temporary crowded public [...]

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Crash Ratings

Why international crash ratings are crucial for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation  Hostile Vehicle Mitigation has become a critical Physical Security control to protect people, places and assets from the risks associated with Hostile Vehicle Attacks (HVA’s). Within the Australian context, ASIO T4 advocates the use of Vehicle Security Barriers  that have been rated in accordance [...]

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IWA 14-1 and PAS 68 standards for Vehicle Security Barriers explained

Hostile Vehicle Attacks The recent spate of Hostile Vehicle Attacks (HVA’s) has resulted in an increase in the available Vehicle Security Barriers (VSB’s) being pitched to the market as viable solutions to help mitigate this increasingly common threat. However, many of these barriers do not comply with basic standardised testing, and this ultimately results [...]

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What is Hostile Vehicle Mitigation?

Separating pedestrians from vehiclesHostile Vehicle Mitigation (or HVM) has a simple enough goal, it involves separating pedestrians from vehicles through the use of clearly defined and fit for purpose barriers. It is important that these barriers act both as a psychological deterrent to those with malicious intent while also physically preventing ingress by vehicles into [...]

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